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Top 10 Smoke Cleaning Tips

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With more than 100 wildfires still burning across B.C., and wind direction changing constantly, deciding when to engage in thorough smoke clean-up is challenging.

While final clean-up can begin once the fires are out, home and business owners may be able to take steps in the meantime to limit damage to their property.

We have put together a list of 10 tips to help with smoke cleaning.

  1. Smoke contamination can travel to areas of property and/or belongings that may not be visible to the untrained eye. Hire a professional with specialized expertise in smoke cleaning to complete a proper assessment.
  2. If you do clean, remember that the environment may not be safe. Always protect yourself before beginning to clean fire residue: use a disposable dust mask or respirator and wear gloves.
  3. Smoke is attracted to the coldest areas of a home. These areas will suffer the most damage.
  4. Swipe windows with a clean white tissue to determine potential contamination:
    • Light brown–brown dust: typical household dust
    • Grey–black dust: indicates contamination is present and area should be handled professionally to ensure safety
  5. Do not turn on any electronics, as soot on surfaces and in the air will contaminate the inside of the unit.
  6. Dispose of open or exposed food to avoid possible ingestion of toxic carcinogens.
  7. Keep doors and windows closed as much as possible to prevent smoke from entering your home and/or business.
    • Consider sealing windows and door frames with tape to prevent smoke from entering your home or business if the building is near an active fire.
  8. Use an air purifier to help remove particulates from the air.
  9. Change furnace filters often – every few days or weekly depending on severity of smoke and air quality.
  10. Call your insurance company to understand what is specifically covered under your policy.

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