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Simple Disaster Prep Rules that Commercial Clients Sometimes Forget

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While Hurricane Florence has been in the news, Atlantic Canada also had to deal with tropical depression Gordon. Major storm systems are becoming more prevalent, and can bring damaging winds, large amounts of rain and floodwaters. They can severely damage property and knock out the electrical grid. What will commercial clients do if Internet and cellular phone networks also go down?

Commercial clients can prepare for these events by testing their emergency management plans twice a year, using table top exercises with simulations of events that staff might not expect to happen. Our Senior Vice President of Commercial Property Portfolios, Bill Fender, recently shared this and other strategies with Canadian Underwriter.

If your home or business has suffered flood damage, safety comes first—for yourself, your family, and employees and customers. If your area was evacuated due to severe flooding, wait until you receive official public information on when you can return. Any building surrounded by floodwaters is not safe to enter.

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