Mould Remediation

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Mould exists everywhere, but amplified mould growth can cause severe health problems.

Mould remediation requires not only actual cleanup, but building and water source investigation and repair in order to prevent further growth and possible health issues.

In one case, FirstOnSite was called in to investigate and mitigate a hoarding matter, which can be a prime cause of amplified mould growth. Our crews arrived on site and, before entering the structure, took initial air sampling readings. Air sampling readings measure levels of formaldehyde, moulds, spores and other bacteria existing in an environment. Our readings in this case indicated that crews required full face respirators before they could safely enter the establishment.

It turned out that this was one of the most severe cases of hoarding anyone involved had ever experienced, and environmental toxicity levels were soaring. Double decontamination chambers were necessary, and crews used oxygen-assisted respirators because of the degree of the contamination. Despite the environmental challenges, and the privacy issues that regularly accompany an event like this, FirstOnSite crews had everything cleaned out and eliminated before more damage was done. Within 4 weeks, our crews had put things right.

Every situation is unique. We use state-of-the-art technology to determine the extent of mould growth and water damage, ensuring that we can quickly and precisely address the entire problem. We have the experience to assess different situations and the expertise to respond accordingly.

We have partnerships with Indoor Environmental Professionals and we adhere strictly to infection control measures in order to restore your property and your peace of mind.

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