Wind, Tornado & Hurricane Damage

In many cases, wind-related damage involves fallen trees, shorn rooftops and, regularly, the ensuing rains and water penetration. A rapid and professional board-up is imperative to minimize further damages, even prior to assessing any structural damage to a property.

Our trained and certified technicians will assess your situation, determine the extent of the damage, and respond appropriately and swiftly.

Picture of barn interior with roof damage apparent

In the summer of 2009, a tornado tore the roof off a commercial barn and fallen trees took down a substantial amount of the farm’s fencing. FirstOnSite crews were mobilized within the hour and immediately began tarping stored bales of hay to prevent water damage during the rains, only to remove the tarps the following morning to prevent mould and enable the product to breathe. Debris was cleared, and the structure was tarped and protected as reconstruction began. Within 3 weeks of the tornado damage, the job was complete.

In this situation, our crews prevented secondary damage to the product; ensured the health and safety of workers, animals, and owners by removing loose debris and cleaing up the site; quickly enabled the animals to reoccupy the barn, avoiding stress and relocation costs; and prevented delays in business by securing the site immediately.

Every situation is unique, but time is always of the essence. We are always ready to mobilize with speed and professionalism.

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