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Document Recovery

FirstOnSite Document Recovery Fact Sheet

FirstOnSite can restore documents damaged by flood, water, mold, and heat. Industry Leadership and Operational Excellence
We have more than 60 years of dedicated experience in document recovery solutions and offer a number of different types of recovery solutions for a variety of media, including critical documents, files, blueprints, negatives, books, X-rays, photographs and film. Importantly, we are committed to providing superior project / inventory management and to being acutely cognisant of privacy, non-disclosure and confidentiality issues.

In-House Solutions
We don’t need to outsource document our recovery services. We offer in-house specialists and resources, on or off-site freezer storage for immediate stabilization and cross country document recovery centres with vacuum freeze drying technology (amoung others).

Time is Not on Your Side
In an emergency situation, time is not on your side. Speed of stabilization is the key to preventing further damage to documents. Experienced management and immediate access to necessary resources are vital to preventing further damage and getting you on the path to recovery as quickly as possible.

We put things right – the right way – each and every time.

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Ask how our PREP Program – Priority Response Emergency Plan – applies to your document recovery needs.

Download the FirstOnSite Document Recovery Fact Sheet.

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