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Content Handling, Cleaning & Storage

Large freeze dryers are one way FirstOnSite cleans and stores damaged contentsWe protect, preserve and restore order.

An important step in the restoration process is the evaluation phase: determining what can be restored or recovered and what cannot. Our team, together with you, will evaluate whether your furniture, facilities, documents, golf clubs, electronics, and toys can be partially or fully recovered, or should be replaced.

Once we determine that items are recoverable, our contents-care solutions come into play. We will carefully pack and box your items, before transporting them to one of our secure storage and cleanup facilities, where technicians will begin a series of deodorizing, drying or other recovery operations. Our quality assurance team participates throughout the process, ensuring your items are cared for from start to finish. Once they are restored, we will carefully pack and box your items and move them back to your home or offices.

We understand the unique and personal challenges of a disaster situation, and we are motivated to provide peace of mind.

ATP Biological Testing
Prior to returning your contents, we take every precaution in ensuring they are cleaned to hospital-level standards. As an essential part of our cleaning and restoration processes, ATP Biological Testing is used to properly and professionally assess the cleanliness of your contents. We test your contents before and after they have been cleaned and provide those results to you.

Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) is a set of molecules present in all living cells, be it bacteria, yeast, or mould. The presence and amount of ATP on your contents is an indication of their purity level. With the use of ATP Biological Testing, our highly trained technicians are able to measure these levels and ensure that your contents are properly cleaned and sanitized before being returned. At FirstOnSite, restoring order is our objective.

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