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Why FirstOnSite Residential?

Property Loss Booklet

FirstOnSite restores your family home after disaster strikes.

Any damage to your home – be it from a storm, water, wind, fire or vandalism – can be a dramatic event. It can cause upheaval, uncertainty and even chaos. Our business is built around delivering rapid and superior restoration services.

Our values are built around the way in which we deliver those services.”


At FirstOnSite, our goal is to provide our customers peace of mind. FirstOnSite has helped thousands of Canadians in times of emergency – rapidly, professionally and compassionately. We’ll work with you and your insurance company to mitigate damages, and to recover or restore property and contents, including treasured photographs, documents, furniture, clothing, sports equipment, toys and electronics. We can also help you navigate the path to putting things right. We can help contact your insurance provider, advise you on what information you will need to initiate a claim, and help guide you through the entire restoration process. Plus:

  • Our Warranty: We guarantee our workmanship for a minimum of two years, and individual manufacturer’s warranties apply to products or materials we install.
  • Our Customer Satisfaction Commitment: We are dedicated to providing excellent customer service. We are motivated to exceed your expectations. Additionally, most insurance providers require that restoration companies supply them with a “Certificate of Satisfaction” signed by you, the property owner, which you don’t need to sign until you are satisfied.

We take pride in putting things right – the right way – each and every time.

Emergency Restoration Services

For Emergency Disaster Restoration Services,
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