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What to Do If a Disaster Strikes

Property Loss Booklet

Hopefully you will never experience a flood or mould damage in your home or a tree falling on your roof. But if you do, will you know what to do? What to expect?

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First, you will need to make two phone calls:

  • Call your insurance agent or broker to start the claim process
  • Call FirstOnSite Restoration to start the mitigation process as soon as possible, at 1.877.778.6731

Then read our Resources & Tools section:

There will be a few key parties involved in assisting you through the process: your insurance broker or agent, your insurance company, their insurance adjuster, and FirstOnSite – your restoration company.

There are three phases involved in disaster recovery: we’ve outlined them here and have provided links to our Homeowner Property Loss Booklet, which provides greater detail.

The Emergency Phase

1It is critical that you act quickly to get your situation stabilized in order to prevent further damage to home and property.

The Estimate

2This stage involves evaluating the damage to determine what content is affected, restorable or non-restorable.

The Repair

3Once your insurance company has authorized the work, we can begin repairing your home and restoring your belongings.

The most important thing to remember is to begin mitigation as soon as you can. It will help save time and money.
For more information, download our booklet, or ask your broker for a copy.

For Emergency Disaster Restoration Services,
Call 1.877.778.6731