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Disaster Pre-Planning

Plan ahead to protect your family home in the event of a disaster.

In the 30+ years of experience we have working with homeowners in times of emergency, we have been involved in a variety of different situations. One thing that is universally consistent though is the fact that taking a few minutes of planning long before an emergency situation arises can save you time and energy when you need it most.

No one wants to think a disaster may strike – but if and when it does, taking care of a few details beforehand will make a stressful situation a little bit easier.

Being prepared can include:
  • Periodically taking photos or videos of your home and contents
  • Itemizing new goods as you renew your homeowner or tenant insurance
  • Keeping important documents (or at minimum a photocopy) in a safety deposit box
  • Preparing an emergency contact list, e.g. friends, family, doctor, insurer, etc., that you keep offsite

You may want to inquire with your insurance company whether they have an easy-to-use electronic form, or check online for a home inventory software program.

We’ll help you put your property back to right, and you can help us.

What to Do If a Disaster Strikes

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