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Keeping Your Business Afloat After a Flood

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Whether a result of global warming, urban expansion, or inadequate city planning, one thing is clear: the potential for water-related disasters is real. And yet, many Canadian businesses have yet to take that risk to heart.

Our EVP Large Loss North America, Billy Short II recently spoke with Canadian Facility Management and Design on some of the successes and failures he has witnessed when it comes to large losses in the commercial marketplace over the years.

“Even though we’re seeing a noticeable increase in floods across Canada, a lot of companies are still in reactive mode,” says Billy Short II, Executive Vice President of Large Loss Operations, North America with FirstOnSite Restoration. “They’re still of the mindset that if something happens all they’ll need to do is call someone up and get everything fixed, when the reality is that they need to have a comprehensive contingency plan in place now if they hope to recover.”

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