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FirstOnSite’s PREP Program is designed to help businesses get back to business

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Natural catastrophes are on the rise. How to help businesses be prepared?

Canada’s catastrophic weather is on the rise: From the disastrous Fort McMurray fire in May to June storms in B.C., the Prairies and Ontario, followed by hail and heavy rain in Saskatchewan in July. According to IBC’s 2016 Fact Book, “For more than a decade, IBC has been reporting on a rise in claims as a result of increases in severe weather events related to climate change.” That trend, is likely to continue to go up so businesses should be prepared.

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What does this mean for Canadian Businesses?

Being prepared is always the key to effective disaster management, and planning prevents debilitating repercussions. With the high risk and costs of a natural disaster, it is becoming standard practice for businesses’ to incorporate a mitigation/restoration component into their overall Emergency Response Management Plans.  Emergency mitigation saves time and money – both for the insurer and their clients, as it gets businesses back into business faster.

FirstOnSite’s PREP program includes developing a solid communications strategy, as well as walk-throughs of the businesses’ locations, so we know the procedures, challenges and options. Our partnership includes predetermining expectations and price/cost thresholds so we can work as quickly as possible, knowing we are authorized to do so. And, because of FirstOnSite’s national scope, our partnership will include immediate and consistent service delivery, regardless of where emergencies happen.

FirstOnSite’s entire organization is built around immediate mobilization and rapid response. Our dedicated resources and state-of-the-art equipment are stationed across Canada to serve at a moment’s notice. Our 1,100 employees are ready to mobilize and support customers and each other. With 38 office locations and trusted affiliate partners, it enables us to serve the vast majority of the country immediately, and our corporate structure enables us to deploy additional resources at a moment’s notice.

Download the PREP Factsheet to learn more

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