Why FirstOnSite Commercial?

FirstOnSite Commercial Services Brochure
FirstOnSite Commercial Services Brochure (FR)

According to the US-based Strategic Research Institute, “Companies that aren’t able to resume operations within 10 days of a disaster are not likely to survive.”

Picture of FirstOnSite commercial division employees on site

In a property loss situation, immediate emergency mitigation is key – possibly to your very survival.

FirstOnSite is the largest independent disaster recovery company in Canada.  Why is this relevant? Because it makes us different within the restoration industry.

We are a corporate entity. Our corporate structure creates opportunities of consistency, speed, scope and scale unequaled in our industry, and produces unmatched abilities to service the unique needs of our commercial customers, including:

  • Consistency of service delivery across the country
  • Consistency of process, protocols and pricing across our locations and yours
  • A focused leadership team with an expansive scope of experience
  • A dedicated national team of industry experts
  • An ability to rapidly mobilize large amounts of people and equipment
  • A truly integrated national service provider
  • Nationwide investment in technology to improve client experience

The needs of our commercial clients are immediate and unique, and our ability to meet those needs, wherever and whenever they arise, is unparalleled.

For more information, call Barry J. Ross, Managing Director of our Commercial Division, at 416.586.3532 (office) or email him

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