Prepare with a Priority Response Emergency Plan (PREP)

Protect Your Commercial Properties Before Disaster Strikes

Effective disaster management starts with being prepared. Planning now will prevent bigger problems and losses later. That’s why we introduced the first Priority Response Emergency Plan (PREP) Program in Canada, tailored to our commercial and large loss clients. The PREP Program is a collaboration between you and FirstOnSite to help your business prepare for a property disaster and get you back in business quickly afterwards.

As a PREP Program client, you gain:

  • A partner who understands your business – We take the time to learn your business, infrastructure, needs and priorities, before any disaster occurs.
  • A roadmap for dealing with a disaster – You’ll know whom to call as soon as a situation arises and what to expect in terms of service and pricing.
  • Peace of mind – You can rest assured that someone who knows your business is ready to respond.

How can the PREP Program help my business?

“Severe weather-related risks tied to climate change are increasing in severity and frequency.”
– Insurance Bureau of Canada, Facts 2017

An emergency mitigation plan that you can launch immediately saves time – both for you and your insurer. As severe weather becomes increasingly common, it is more important than ever to incorporate mitigation/restoration into your overall Emergency Response Management planning and Business Continuity planning.

FirstOnSite Restoration specialists are certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) – meaning they know what to look for and which methods to best use.

The PREP Program includes:

  • Walk-throughs of your locations, so we know your procedures, challenges and options for a full array of possible emergencies.
  • Solid communications strategy, so you can keep your staff and stakeholders involved at each stage when a disaster strikes.
  • Predetermined protocols, expectations and price/cost thresholds, so we can work as quickly as possible, knowing you have authorized us to do so.
  • Prioritized response over non-PREP clients.
  • Immediate and consistent service delivery regardless of where an emergency happens, thanks to our national scope and corporate model.

Your peace of mind is our priority – before, during and after a disaster situation.

Minimize potential losses and claim costs. Contact us for more information on our PREP Program:

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Other Resources

PREP Program Fact Sheet
  • Vancouver Winter Olympics
    Case Study



    Picture of the FirstOnSite team at the Vancouver OlympicsThe executive management team of FirstOnSite met with the Vancouver Organizing Committee (VANOC) prior to the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, British Columbia to discuss emergency management and our PREP Program in particular. A careful review of each venue was undertaken and it was agreed that FirstOnSite’s expertise would be most valuable serving the Olympic Village.

    Millennium Properties reviewed the protocols and emergency preparedness plans from 3 local emergency services providers, and FirstOnSite was selected as their primary provider. We then met with Millennium Properties and VANOC Venue Services to discuss and plan for the challenges that could be encountered during the Games.

    PREP Planning Approach

    Our emergency response planning for the Olympic Village included numerous steps.

    • Met with the Vancouver Police Department E-Ops in charge of traffic and lane closures/control
    • Traveled and viewed all ingress and egress into and out of the city
    • Conducted staff selection: Project Managers, construction, water damage and safety personnel
    • Coordinated staff time rotations-including identifying staff on-call solutions-to minimize exhaustion in the event of a major flood or incident unrelated to the Olympics
    • Provided staff accreditation
    • Conducted vehicle preparedness, including every conceivable item we believed necessary to quickly mitigate a loss, deal with the effects, and remove ourselves from the location

    As FirstOnSite was not an Olympic sponsor, we were not permitted to display corporate branding of any kind. All company logos-including staff clothing and equipment-were covered over before entering ANY venue location. We went to great lengths to accommodate this request.


    Security Challenges

    Security for the athletes was a priority. As a result, severe restrictions on items brought through the entry gates were imposed, and passage would be slow. It was determined that emergency equipment would need to enter prior to the event, and remain within the Village for the duration of the Games. A cube van was identified and loaded, and underwent exhaustive searches by Olympic security. The cube van acted as a mobile unit that could be activated throughout the Village in the case of a loss situation and returned back to its secured area, never having to leave the premises. This worked exceptionally well.

    Post-2010 Winter Olympic Games


    FirstOnSite was retained to provide continued emergency services, including repairs and remediation due to mould and odour control from venting issues, and the reparation of ongoing losses unrelated to the Games.

For Commercial Emergency Disaster Restoration Services,
Call 1.877.778.6731


For Emergency Disaster Restoration Services,
Call 1.877.778.6731