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Winter storms, communications failure top list of business interruptions over past 5 years

According to the 2019 Business Continuity Survey, winter storms and communication failures were the two main causes of business interruptions in the past five years. Angus Reid Global, on behalf of FirstOnSite Restoration, surveyed more than 500 businesses from May 8-10 to learn more about the types of disasters they had encountered and the level of preparedness they had in place.

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Simple Disaster Prep Rules that Commercial Clients Sometimes Forget

While Hurricane Florence has been in the news, Atlantic Canada also had to deal with tropical depression Gordon. Major storm systems are becoming more prevalent, and can bring damaging winds, large amounts of rain and floodwaters. They can severely damage property and knock out the electrical grid. What will commercial clients do if Internet and cellular phone networks also go down?

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Disaster Preparedness

Spring 2018 is proving to be unpredictable. Many parts of Canada are warming up, others are freezing over again and thawing, or experiencing heavy rains and winds. Our Vice-President, National Broker and Lloyd’s Portfolio, Lindsay Donelson, recently spoke with CI Top Broker on some of the ways brokers can help.

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Keeping Your Business Afloat After a Flood

Whether a result of global warming, urban expansion, or inadequate city planning, one thing is clear: the potential for water-related disasters is real. And yet, many Canadian businesses have yet to take that risk to heart.

Our EVP Large Loss North America, Billy Short II recently spoke with Canadian Facility Management and Design on some of the successes and failures he has witnessed when it comes to large losses in the commercial marketplace over the years.

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