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Building on Recent Successes and Looking Ahead

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FirstOnSite Restoration Limited, Canada’s leading independent disaster restoration services provider, draws on experience from the Fort McMurray wildfires of May 2016 to serve customers with faster, more efficient restoration processes. At a time when emergency planning is more important than ever, FirstOnSite has also invested in technology and strengthened its senior management team.

“We deployed over 450 restoration personnel to Fort McMurray,” said Dave Demos, Chief Executive Officer, FirstOnSite Restoration. “From the beginning, we were there creating safe conditions for first responders, preparing evacuated residential areas for re-entry, and keeping customers updated at each step. I am incredibly proud of our team’s dedicated efforts in one of Canada’s largest coordinated first response efforts.”

With wildfires now affecting significant areas of British Columbia, FirstOnSite personnel are on the ground, using HEPA filter air scrubbers and commercial-grade cleaning supplies to remove smoke residue and maintain air quality for more than 100 businesses and critical government facilities.

“When dealing with a large-scale fire emergency, our first priority is to manage air quality in individual buildings so that first responders can have a safe and clean environment to operate in,” said Jim Mandeville, Senior Project Manager, Large Loss North America, FirstOnSite Restoration. “It’s our job to make sure first responders can do theirs, so that communities can start getting back to normal as soon as possible.”

As technology takes on a central role in disaster recovery efforts, FirstOnSite continues to enhance and significantly invest in its proprietary mobileCT tool. This internally developed and next generation software captures and communicates work site data quickly, easing the burden on customers during a time of distress.

“Our customers rely on us to deliver the highest standards of service in the restoration industry—a responsibility we take extremely seriously,” said Dave Demos. “Over the past year, we have added 11 key personnel to our senior management team, ensuring the capacity and experience to deliver customer excellence across all regions of Canada. In addition, we’re on track to meet our expansion plans and look forward to adding several new locations in the next 18 months.”

In May 2016, FirstOnSite joined forces with U.S.-based Interstate Restoration, expanding its resource base, and extending its customer service offering and collectively becoming the second largest restoration service provider in North America.

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